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Add Insulated Garage Doors To Your Wishlist

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Insulated Garage Doors

Jot down insulated garage doors on your must-have list because installing thermal protection for your garage doors will be the best decision you make for your home! Insulated garage doors, or thermally injected garage doors, are secret money savers and continuously rack up energy-efficient benefits. Save the money in your pocket for Christmas, and invest in professionally installed insulated garage doors near you. Door Serv Pro could install insulation to your existing garage door, or we could install a brand new garage door with insulation already included.

Why Insulated Garage Doors Should Be on Your Wishlist

  • Energy-efficient garage doors
  • Temperature-controlled garage
  • Noise-controlled garage
  • Increased privacy
  • Raises value in your home overall
  • Return on investment

Insulated Garage Doors Are the Ultimate Money Savers

Insulated garage doors are an inventive way of saving money. The upfront cost of insulated garage doors is due to their major energy-efficient quality. They’re a worthy investment because of their R-value. The R-value of insulation measures the energy efficiency, or how thick the insulation needs to be in order for it to be effective.

You are less inclined to mess with the thermostat once the season changes with an insulated garage door. Extra coverage from an insulated garage door won’t let air easily pass through. Another alternative way of saving money for your garage door is weatherstripping, where you rubber seal the outer lining of your garage door, but an insulated garage door is the ultimate money saver.

Get Comfortable in Your Garage

If you spend any amount of time in your garage, insulating your garage door is the answer to feeling more comfortable as a living space. Add extra layers, so it’s no longer a single line of defense from the outside. Harsh winds and dips in temperature will cause you to adjust your thermostat, which sends your utility bill through the roof.

Another investment advantage to installing a thermally injected garage door is the different possibilities you could turn your garage into. Consider how much warmer an insulated garage door would be versus aluminum and steel on the exterior alone. The average garage door saves and secures your vehicle and belongings, but an insulated garage door elevates the materials to contain noise as well.

Near Silent Garage Door Function

The extra layers within your garage door are like blankets to keep the heat and the cold out, and to keep the noise out as well. If your garage door motor makes extra rattles, the neighbor walking their dog outside wouldn’t be able to hear your garage door open with an insulated garage door. The bonus room located above your garage would only hear a muffled noise, if it makes any more noise at all, with an insulated garage door.

The reverse can also be true if you wanted to keep the noise contained within the walls of your home. Like the insulation within the walls of your home, insulation within a garage door envelopes noise and keeps the noise levels to a minimum.

Your garage can turn into a nice living space like another room in the house. The added insulation layers keep noise from disrupting social events or workouts if you’re trying to exercise or host a gathering in your garage. The reverse can also be true if you have a noisy neighbor. Insulated garage doors will provide you with a nearly silent functional garage door.

Door Serv Pro Installs Insulated Garage Doors

All of our locations where Door Serv Pro services experience harsh winters, so add extra coverage to your garage door this winter and feel the difference. Servicing the four corners of Martinsburg WV, Winchester VA, Hagerstown MD, and Chambersburg PA, we help our clients experience an enhanced garage space. Contact Door Serv Pro for an appointment to install new insulated garage doors or add insulation to your garage door today.






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