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Garage Door Services in Graceham, MD

Garage door issues can be intimidating, especially if you don’t have any prior knowledge or experience with them. You’ve come to the right place if you are searching for professional garage door services in Graceham, MD. At Door Serv Pro, our services encompass a wide array of offerings, ensuring your garage door is not just functional but also adds to the aesthetic charm of your property.

Graceham, MD
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Garage Door Services in Graceham, MD: Enhancing Functionality and Security for Your Property

We offer comprehensive services from garage door repair, maintenance, and installation to commercial gate installation & repair. Our expertise and commitment to customer satisfaction make us the go-to choice for all your garage door needs.

Garage Door Repair, Maintenance & Installation:

We understand the importance of a fully functional garage door. Whether a minor repair or a complete replacement, our team of skilled technicians is equipped to handle any job. Our services include fixing broken springs, cables, rollers, and tracks. We also provide regular maintenance to ensure smooth operation and prevent future issues. When it comes to installation, we offer a wide selection of stylish and durable doors that will enhance the curb appeal of your property.

Garage Door Spring Repair:

One of the most common problems with garage doors is spring malfunction. Broken or worn-out springs can cause your door to become unbalanced or fail to open/close properly. We specialize in garage door spring repair in Graceham, MD. Our technicians have the expertise to identify the issue and provide prompt solutions to restore your garage door's functionality.

Garage Storage Solutions:

Is your garage cluttered with tools, equipment, or seasonal items? Our innovative garage storage solutions can help you maximize your storage space. From overhead racks and shelving systems to custom cabinets and wall organizers, we have the perfect solution to keep your garage tidy and organized.


We offer a wide selection of high-quality awnings that are visually appealing and protect from harsh sun rays. Our team will assist you in choosing the right style and size to complement your property's architecture.

Commercial Gate Installation & Repair:

For businesses in Graceham, MD, having a reliable and secure commercial gate is essential. We specialize in commercial gate installation and repair in Graceham, MD. Our skilled technicians have the expertise to handle all types of gates, including slide gates, swing gates, and barrier arms. We ensure that your commercial property remains safe and protected at all times.

Commercial Garage Door Opener Repair & Installation:

A malfunctioning garage door opener can disrupt business operations. We specialize in commercial garage door opener repair and installation in Graceham, MD. Our timely services ensure your business runs smoothly without interruptions.

Do you want to experience top-notch commercial garage door services? Check out our About us page and schedule an appointment.

Factors to Consider Before Commercial Gate Installation

When contemplating commercial gate installation, several crucial factors demand careful consideration to ensure a seamless and secure solution tailored to your business needs. Here are the key aspects to ponder before deciding:

Security Requirements:

Assess the level of security needed for your property.

Access Control Systems:

Determine if you need additional features like keypads or card readers.


Consider the maintenance requirements of different gate types.


Set a budget that aligns with your security needs and long-term goals.

Local Regulations:

Check if any specific regulations or permits are required for installing a commercial gate.

Why Choose Us?

We stand out as the premier choice for garage door and gate services in Graceham, MD, and Big Pool, MD. Here’s why discerning homeowners and businesses choose us:

Experience and Expertise:

With years of experience in the industry, we have become a trusted name for garage door services in Graceham, MD. Our team of technicians is highly skilled and knowledgeable in all aspects of garage doors.

Quality Products:

We only work with top-quality products from reputable manufacturers to ensure durability and longevity.

Prompt Service:

We understand the urgency regarding garage door issues. That's why we strive to provide fast service so you can return to your routine quickly.

Customer Satisfaction:

Our priority is customer satisfaction. We go above and beyond to exceed our customers' expectations by providing exceptional service every time.

Contact Door Serv Pro today at 240-222-1540 for garage door services in Graceham, MD, and transform your garage door and gate into a statement of excellence.





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