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Reasons to Invest in a New Garage Door Opener

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Why You Need a Reliable Garage Door Opener

Every garage door needs a functional opener to operate safely throughout the years. The opener is crucial to the successful operation of your garage door. But if it’s not working properly, then you might end up stuck. This is why contractors recommend regular service and repair to ensure the opener works effectively for longer. But, even a well-maintained opener wears out over the years, and sometimes repairs may not suffice. It is your responsibility to know when to get another opener to avoid inconveniences and preventable accidents.

Top Reasons to Invest in a New Garage Door Opener

Keep Everyone Safe

The safety of your loved ones, visitors, and pets is of utmost importance. A malfunctioning or old opener can cause safety risks when you least expect it. For instance, a faulty opener can cause the door to move slower or disconnect suddenly, sending the extremely heavy door to the floor. Both slow and sudden door movements can cause injury to family members, pets, or your vehicle.

Replacing the old or faulty opener with the latest model will boost safety. These latest openers come with a wide array of built-in safety features like auto-reverse mechanisms that ensure the door won’t close abruptly. The door senses a person or an object on the path and stops; therefore, if you’re using an old opener that lacks this feature, consider upgrading it to keep everyone safe.

Reduce Disruption

Nobody wants to bother the entire family every time they get home late or leave home early. If your opener is getting louder due to age or a malfunction, you should replace it immediately, so everyone can finally enjoy some sleep!

The newer versions (belt-drive and screw-drive openers) run much quieter, so you won’t disturb anyone whenever you need to open or close the garage door. If your garage door opener is disruptive to those in your neighborhood, they will appreciate the quieter upgrade!

Minimize Break-In Opportunities

Most burglars understand the vulnerabilities of old garage door openers. After all, their remotes use one code, and unless it is changed regularly, someone can use a device to determine your code quickly. To identify the code, they only need to sit near the house and watch you operate the garage door.

The recently manufactured garage door openers come with advanced technology, which improves their security features. For instance, you may select an opener with a fingerprint-enabled keypad, making it difficult for the intruders to open the door. Other openers have a feature that changes the code each time the door is used, so thieves can’t duplicate it.

You may also get an opener that allows the door to function remotely and tracks the door operations via the internet. If an unauthorized person tries to open the door, a notification is sent to you, whether you are away or at home.

Enable Battery-Powered Usage

If you always get annoyed whenever you cannot operate your garage door due to a power outage, then it’s time for a new opener. New openers have battery backup features, letting you use the door without power.

Each time you don’t have power, the door will use the battery backup that can run for several hours, depending on its capabilities. This will allow you to park your vehicle in the garage area or leave home with the vehicle whether you have electrical power or not, a convenience you cannot enjoy with the old garage door openers.

Contact Door Serv Pro for Garage Door Opener Installation or Repair

If you’re searching for an exceptional garage door service provider, check out Door Serv Pro. Our team of professionals will be happy to help you choose a suitable garage door opener, depending on your requirements and budget.

If you are experiencing a malfunctioning opener, Door Serv Pro proudly offers several services in garage door opener repair. We will install and maintain the opener, enabling its use of it for many years. Contact us to talk to one of our technicians today.